To be the institution of reference in Mauritius that promotes the message of Islam, social values, moral and ethics with a view to pleasing the Almighty
To promote and develop motivated citizens through faith, understanding, commitment and social responsibility for the betterment of humankind"

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The Islamic Circle

The Islamic Circle under its brand name "Quran House" is a renowned non-for-profit Islamic and charitable institution based in Mauritius. Founded in 1959, Quran House has ever since been actively involved in promoting education, alleviating poverty and spreading the message of Islam as a way of life with a view to enhancing the Muslim community and society at large.



Quran House has a very rich history

Year 2012

New Era


2012 to 2013 marked the years of capacity building with investment in infrastructure and human resource. This era marked the introduction of technology in all relevant functions at Quran House from accounting to administration, courses development, pre-primary school and madrassah. 


New Logo, Vision and Mission statement

In 2011, Quran House embarked on an ambitious revamp of its entire structure including a rebranding of its name as a strategy to boost up its presence in the local environment.  This brought about new young fresh blood in the Board of the organisation with new ideas and increased enthusiasm.  The new logo accentuated the image of Quran House in the island.

Year 2011
Year 2001

Iqra Education Centre


In late 2001, the construction of Iqra Education Centre started with the primary objective of running a nursery, pre-primary school and a primary school. The activities of the nursery did not start as per the planning due to a poor response of the community and consequently, the project for an Islamic primary school had to be abandoned due to the conditions imposed by the Authorities. However, till date, the pre-primary school is operational and has full-fledged amenities and by Allah’s grace, is a success.

Quran House Complex and Sayyeedah Khadeejah Mosque


The construction of Quran House complex started in late 1986 and was inaugurated on the 18 March 1988. The complex comprises of a library, a mosque and offices for administrative/secretarial purposes. The mosque was named as “Sayyeedah Khadeejah Mosque” with facilities given to Muslim women to perform all Swalaah, including Jummah and Eid prayers. The mosque was one of the first at this time to open its doors to Muslim women.

Year 1988
Early 80's

The Islamic Circle - Seat of organisation

Land Acquisition

In the early 80’s, The Islamic Circle acquired two plots of land in Rose Hill to establish its permanent seat for its activities both social and cultural.

Professor M.H. Malik returned to Mauritius in December 1983 as guest speaker in a seminar “Living Islam” to mark The Islamic Circle’s 25th year of existenc and also to lay the foundation stone of the Quran House complex.

Socio Cultural Association- The Islamic Circle


The Islamic Circle was officially registered in April 1975 as a socio-cultural association with the Registrar of Associations with specific aims and objectives. 

Year 1975
Year 1964

National Referendum

New Era

As the movement was reaching its momentum, the authorities under the pressure of occult forces expelled Professor M.H. Malik in 1964. But this did not deter the enthusiasm of the members. In the same year, The Islamic Circle successfully organized a national referendum to allow people of the Islamic faith to register themselves as Muslims, thus dissociating themselves from the denomination of ‘Indo-Mauritian’ community and accordingly, guaranteeing the Muslim Community of being represented by eleven members in the National Assembly.

The Islamic Circle


The Islamic Circle was founded in 1959 by Professor Muhammad Hussain Malik (M.A BT) from Pakistan along with some young Mauritians comprising of Muhammad Hussain Dahal, Sheik Mustapha Beeharry, Haroon Rashid Sheikally, Hashim Barikur, Hassam Dahal, Adam Dahal, Goolam Mungly, Jameel Ahmed and among many other enthusiastic youth at that time. This group of youngsters, being conscious of their responsibility towards the Ummah, toured Mauritius relentlessly to spread the message of Islam as a “Way of Life”.

Year 1959


With a view to creating the proximity with the public in general, Quran House offers a wide range of facilities

  • ALL
  • Ladies Only
  • Lecture Hall
  • Library and Bookstore
  • Pre Primary School
  • Weekend Madrassah


Our board members strives to the daily running of Quran House

International Recognition

Quran House is recognised internationally

The Islamic Circle/Quran House is an Associate Member of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) and is the official representative of Muslim Aid in Mauritius. The Islamic Circle/Quran House also holds affiliations with various other international Islamic organizations namely Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), Islamic Online University (IOU) and Islamic Foundation. To further its objective as an interfaith platform, The Islamic Circle/Quran House also recently partnered with the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC), a well-established interfaith international structure. On the local plane, The Islamic Circle/Quran House extended collaboration to other social charitable institutions, both Muslim and non-Muslim, with objective of enhancing interfaith interactions.
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